Code Black Strawberry Herbal Incense

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The Sail in Strawberry Fields



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In case you want to try out a completely different scent, Code Black Strawberry Herbal Incense is a perfect alternative. From the very first minute you start burning this incense, there will be that unique feeling of being in a sun heated strawberry patch with just the sky overhead. Code Black strawberry has been proven to boost your energy just as a shot of caffaine will.It is very suitable during dormant periods when you start feeling lie your energy is dropping especially during late winter or a long period of rainfall. While burning you won’t have to worry about inhaling any dangerous compounds. The incense is free of all synthetic and potentially dangerous products.

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2g – 48g Available

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2G, 4G, 10G, 12 Pack X 4G (48G), 24 Pack X 2G (48G)

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