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Buy Frankenstone Online, We bring to your our Newest Product Frankenstone. This product is well know for it’s outstanding Aroma, Strength and very Higgh Potency! It’s a Hard knot to to crack! You can’t under estimate Frankenstone.

As well as you can’t get enough of it. It’s a Great Incense and is legal and medically sealed super strong Incense. It’s a great product and is strongly recommend and it can be shipped to all 50 states in the US.

Originally the Flintstones already had its own spooky monster family in the form of The Gruesomes Family who the Frankenstones shared much in common with, but unlike the friendly and passive Gruesomes, the Frankenstones would go through many changes from spooky but friendly neighbors to serving a role of something akin to rivals or frenemies to the Flintstones family in later appearances after their debut, giving them a more unique dynamic with the Flintstones that was more distinct from that of the Gruesomes and more similar to the animosity Fred once had with former neighbor Mr. Loudrock, mostly due in part to Frank Frankenstone’s hot temper which was more than a match for Fred Flintstone‘s own temperament.

The Frankenstones made their official debut in 1979 in The New Fred and Barney Show episode “Fred and Barney Meet the Frankenstones” where the Frankenstones had just moved to Bedrock and opened up their own condominium which they dubbed the Deadrock Arms Condorstonium that was home to a large gaggle of monsters.

Frank Frankenstone (voiced by John Stephenson) notably sounded like Boris Karloff and had a very calm and gloomy attitude.

During their first meeting, the Flintstones and the Frankenstones got off to a good start, although Barney was hesitant, and Fred believed them to be friendly eccentrics with a festive love for Halloween.

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